This Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit collection costs a cool 800

first_imgHopefully by now you all own The Lord of the Rings trilogy. If there were any films that needed to be owned by the discerning geek, it’s these. You need a demo disc to show off your home theater setup? There are moments in each and every film to choose from. You want to see how an entire film is made? You can watch hours upon hours of documentaries.The Extended Editions did a tremendous job of selling us all little statues and trinkets over the course of their numerous home video releases, but they’re not done with us just yet. Now that The Hobbit Extended Editions are available as well, Warner Bros. has announced the Middle-Earth six-film collection containing both trilogies. It’s a set that will offer every single bit of Middle-Earth ever created and it carries a frankly obscene price- $800.How can they justify that price tag? Let us count the ways, as you can see in the unboxing below. Dominic Monaghan was convinced to appear in the video to sell them, perhaps by being offered a set of his own as a fee.As you can see the set comes with the three Lord of the Rings films so you can reminisce upon greatness, and the three Hobbit films so you can ponder what went wrong while watching Peter Jackson self-destruct in real-time. They come in frankly gorgeous faux-leather-bound hardcover books that are full of art chosen by the fans as their favorite scenes from the movies, and it even contains a wooden shelf to place them on.There are a staggering 30 Blu-ray discs containing every version of every film, as well as the incredible special features that made previous sets must-owns. The collection also contains a replica of Bilbo Baggins’ Red Book of Westmarch that features some stunning artwork from the series.So yes, this is a truly great-looking set and any true fan would love to own it, if not for that astronomical cost. Fortunately you can currently get it on sale for the low, low price of $599!For those of us on a budget WB is also releasing a barebones six-disc movies-only set that costs a mere $60 or so, but it’s weirdly only with the theatrical versions. Strange of them not to release an Extended Edition set.Here’s a better idea- pick up both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit extended edition box sets. You won’t get the artbook or shelf but you’ll have saved almost $600 in the process, which you can use to buy all manner of Tolkien memorabilia to decorate your home with.last_img

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