Microsoft uses Kinect to scan Isaac Newtons death mask

first_imgMicrosoft and the Royal Society of London teamed up recently to mix science, history, and computer game peripherals. The Kinect motion sensor has many different uses, whether it’s helping a disabled mom send an email or enabling people to create 3D objects using their hands. Now the Kinect has been used to recreate Isaac Newton’s face in 3D.Using Isaac Newton’s terracotta death mask, Microsoft scanned the mask and was then able to create an increadibly accurate 3D representation of his face. What’s even more impressive is the 360-degree 3D full head scan at the end of the video. Microsoft could have easily used the 3D image to print out a replica of the death mask using a 3D printer, it’s a shame they didn’t.It might seem like a random thing to do, but Microsoft wanted to show the capabilities of the Kinect camera and the Kinect Fusion system with it’s ability to record in 3D. Microsoft is also promoting their Kinect for Windows program so they can supply an affordable, accurate, motion sense camera so developers and businesses can start using Kinect in their industries. It’s already being used in the health care, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality industries. A small team in San Francisco is even creating a super-accurate two-handed geasture control system using two Kinect mounted on a frame.The point of the death mask scan is to prove Kinect isn’t just good for gaming, something most of us were already aware of, but this 3D scanning technology is impressive and could improve gaming too. Imagine being able to scan your face, or even your entire body, and use your likeness in a game — then you really could be inside the game. Such tech would take time to perfect, but it’s something Microsoft should consider as it would surely be popular.More at TPM, via Kotakulast_img

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