FIFA Task Force Makes Unanticipated Changes to Moroccan Agenda

By Hajare El-KhaldiRabat – Following their unexpected arrival in Casablanca on Monday, April 16, the five FIFA Task Force members have, reportedly, added Tetouan to their itinerary.When the task force shifted their arrival airport from Marrakech to Casablanca at the last minute, a source that facilitates planning for the task force told Medias 24 that the sudden change was tied to the delegation’s desire to assess the air connections at Morocco’s leading airport. The five FIFA representatives reportedly landed in Casablanca at 8 p.m., before boarding a connecting flight to Marrakech. After “arriving at the Menara airport around 10 pm on a Ram flight, they carefully inspected the terminal for nearly an hour,” according to the same source.On Tuesday, April 17, the task force members inspected the ochre city infrastructure, including the Grand Stadium and the Former Harti Stadium, which will serve as training camps for the teams. The speaker maintained, “So far, everything has been going very well, especially considering the Menara airport and the stadium are gleaming up to international standards.”The visit continued in Agadir on April 17-18, after the task force drove south to assess the quality of the country’s motorway network, which provided no “problem, as the recently built highway is well equipped with rest areas,” declared the source.The delegation will reportedly visit Tetouan during the two days planned in Tangier, a decision previously undisclosed in their program. Once again, the source revealed that the five members will evaluate the progress made in the construction of the football stadium, as well as that of Tetouan’s reception facilities. “The choice to add Tetouan to their inspection itinerary isn’t innocent and neither is their trip by car, since it will allow them to assess the quality of the national road that connects the two northern cities,” the source shared. The changes were justified by FIFA as a test to verify the claims of the Moroccan bid and detect any “possible flaws.”The task force will end their visit at the Mohammed V Airport, before returning to Switzerland to submit their technical conclusions that will influence the fate of the Moroccan bid.

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