Ouarzazate celebrates the sun at the first Morocco Solar Festival

Marrakech – The first international Morocco Solar Festival, dedicated to the sun and the sustainable development of desert areas, will take place on October 17 in the country’s solar energy capital, Ouarzazate. Aiming to “awaken consciences by raising public awareness of the risks facing our planet and the opportunities available to them to encourage them to new behaviors,” Ouarzazate, one of the largest solar stations in the world, will host the first Morocco Solar Festival from October 17 to 19. Its main topics will be science and technology, knowledge discovery, and art and culture.All activities will take place in a small village created for the occasion, a few minutes away from the center of Ouarzazate. On Friday, October 17, the festival will open with a “Space Opera” created specially for this event. Several Moroccan and international artists will take part of this sun celebration. On Saturday, October 18, the festival will continue with the opening of the conference entitled “Sun, myths and realities.” Some of the conference’s most notable attendees will be Hakima El Haite, Moroccan Minister for the Environment, and the French historian Laurent Vidal. After this conference, MASEN Solar Awards will be presented for model initiatives in the exploitation and development of the solar energy.In the evening, several artists will perform, including the musicians of the Paris Opera and other guest artists, including Oum and Amel Brahim-Djelloul.On Sunday, October 19, Swiss eco-adventurer Raphael Domjan will attempt to set a world record for distance travelled in a solar plane.At the end of the Festival, the public will be invited to experience the possibilities of solar energy through all kinds of accessible demonstrations. All activities at the Morocco Solar Festival will be offered for free.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed

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