How to do a good job on the nternet

online quote how to do it? How to let your customers see your offer is reliable? How to make customers believe that their offer! How to make an online quote objectively? Please go into this problem together with Xiao bian.

1. if the other side is a large customer, his purchasing power is strong, you may be appropriate to price a little higher, otherwise low.

2. if the customer is very familiar with the product and price, I suggest you use the "comparison method", in the negotiation with him, peer advantage, highlight your product’s shortcomings, prices can be close to the price, from the beginning of "catch" guests.

3. if the customer more straightforward character, love you not bargain with the circle, you’d better start raising their hands, lest the offer price put him away.

4. if the customer is not very familiar with the product, you will introduce some of the use of the product and the advantages of the price may wish to quote a little higher.

5. if some customers on prices are particularly sensitive to every penny to fight, and he is very fancy your product, you must have enough patience, play a game of "psychological warfare" with the guests, the guests asked or to figure out what the target price, with their price to compare how big is the gap. For example, his target price is 12 yuan, and you can afford the price is 13 yuan, you are the best at 14 yuan, you can be divided into several steps to go out, let more, let a guest see hope, then let a step decrease, do not step, but at every step, let the guests slowly tasted the sweetness, see hope, but through hard work, let the guests have a final win feeling.

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