Top ten stationery brands list

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technology is developed, stationery products are widely used in all our lives, perhaps because of such a demand, so the market has been developing very fast. In a word, stationery is an indispensable part of people’s life, which is closely related to our daily life. Now in the development of the market, stationery brand more and more, the species is also very wide, stationery brand has become the object of attention of consumers, so, what brand of stationery is good, we look at selling stationery ten brands list!

hot stationery ten brands list first: Chenguang stationery

Shanghai Chenguang stationery Limited by Share Ltd is a comprehensive stationery company integrating the creative value and service advantages, focusing on the stationery industry. Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing high – quality stationery products, covering four major areas of writing tools, student stationery, office stationery and other related products. Chenguang stationery is the first brand of stationery.

hot stationery ten brands list of the top second: Deli stationery

Deli stationery is a company specializing in the production of stationery. The company located in the international first-class comprehensive stationery supplier, the last four years, the effective group to maintain an annual 100 million yuan annual increase fast development speed, in 2010 completed a comprehensive effective office stationery, student stationery, business machines capable of effective, effective writing tools, effective office electronics, effective IT consumables, paper products capable of seven industrial layout system and, the formation of the various industry sectors to enter the top three of the target, and integrated into the international top stationery supplier ranks. 2015 to enter the international stationery industry in the top 3, so that every office in the world are capable.

selling stationery ten brand list third: stationer

true color stationery founded in early 90s, mainly engaged in color brand stationery products creative design, technology research and development, production and sales. The main products include writing tools, student stationery, office stationery and teaching supplies four series. After 20 years of development, the color has grown to R & D, production, marketing, brand development, China largest and strongest comprehensive industry one of the leading enterprises.

selling stationery ten brand list fourth: Comix

together in product quality, has made remarkable achievements, innovation and other aspects, is committed to providing better services, is one of the China brand stationery industry of great value. Together after years of development has grown into a set of R & D, production and sales, the main products include document management supplies, office equipment, office stationery, paper products, writing instruments, packaging products, display products and school supplies and other products of the integrated office of the public.

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