Jiang Meili debt two venture reward with the engineering phone

has several successful entrepreneurs than fall in business on the road, many failures for success, only know the true meaning of entrepreneurship, know more the future more efforts for a better future life efforts.

entrepreneurs file

position: a adjustable underwear company chairman

start time: 1996

transition time: 2014

business message

"deep down, I still told myself, this thing is not even venture!"

1975, Jiang Meili was born in Gaizhou City, Liaoning Province, Zhao village of Qingshi ling. "When a busy holiday to the school, the teacher to go home to do farm work. We have to help the family to cut rice transplanter." Jiang Meili said. The farm is very bitter, this let her have an idea: "I have to go out, can’t stay in the countryside."

2003, due to the perennial contact potion, Jiang Meili felt his breath out, "the smell of medicine smell smoke smell and even taste on the tarmac breathless, a quiet feel someone pinched my neck." Doctors say ginger is allergic to asthma. Asthma so that Jiang Meili can only manage in the field, not into the workplace. Just at that time is to catch up with SARS, the salon is not a guest. Adhere to the first half of the year, does not survive she can only put two hair all off recommended

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