Kunming business services to carry out innovative thinking seminars entrepreneurial thinking

for some entrepreneurs who, in some innovative thinking, often, in fact for their entrepreneurship is a very helpful thing, at the same time, in Kunming recently held a seminar of innovative thinking.

"I study in Yunnan for 3 years, found in Yunnan and Beijing, Shanghai venture and Shenzhen’s entrepreneurial projects are very different, the entity degree is very high, the Internet is not enough, not what imagination." Yesterday, held in Kunming business services innovation seminar, zero research information group chairman, Pegasus brigade founder and CEO Yuan Yue, to encourage more young entrepreneurs in Yunnan.

"competitiveness of Yunnan in the future, in addition to outside investors, there is a very important standard, many local entrepreneurial projects." Therefore, over the years, Yuan Yue’s "Pegasus brigade" team to encourage young entrepreneurs, and a long-term investment relationship with. Over the years, they are in the country to collect entrepreneurial projects, we hope to work with Yunnan to build cooperation in the demonstration space in Kunming, with five or six states to interact." He believes that a high degree of practical entrepreneurs in Yunnan, to build an integrated ecosystem in cooperation and exchanges.

"are closely related to entrepreneurship and each of the government departments and enterprises, with some production capacity, research capacity, resources to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects and the formation of equity relationship, only to come up with 5%-8% money to support entrepreneurship, the benefits and rewards may not be able to imagine. What we need to do is to create a new generation of entrepreneurs who are the future and hope of Yunnan, and even the broader Chinese economy."


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