n rural areas need to pay attention to the details of entrepreneurship

there are a lot of entrepreneurs will be entrepreneurs look to the rural areas, at the same time, entrepreneurial activities in the rural areas will also face many problems, entrepreneurial activity in rural areas also need to pay attention to many details.

business strategy

set management structure. In rural areas is not only to sell cheap goods, consumers do not always seek low prices, operators should be aimed at the economic status of the target market to determine the level of business projects and goods. Such as tourism, mineral and other resources of the high income of rural area, strong purchasing power, the product requirements are also higher, mainly in the high-end products, supplemented by low middle-income regions; the demand for consumer goods from quantity expansion to quality requirement transition stage, the business can pay attention to the choice of high middle and low grade, less similar business pure agricultural projects; low-income areas is still the necessities of large consumer goods, mainly to middle and low, high-grade secondary.

to price. As purchasing power is not strong rural consumers, they buy products, more attention is paid to the value, attention to benefits. As the operator can be realized through the following ways: first, choose the single function, practical products, not only for the rural cultural level is not high consumer use, low price and easy to accept them; two, reduce the cost of packaging, publicity, exquisite luxury, abandon complicated package, reducing the cost of internal and external packaging can be directly reduced. The purchasing cost, benefit from the consumer; three, introduction of affordable type packaging or large bulk goods, in order to reduce the unit price.

discount square. Rural consumers like to buy value for money, and even the value of goods, can account for the cheap is their expectations. Therefore, in the rural market, the promotion is not a panacea, but no promotion is absolutely not "promotion is open astepping-stone to success of the rural market"". Therefore, we must attach importance to the promotion of the method. For the promotion of rural areas are: first, the price. Price is still the most sensitive factor in rural consumers, the way to take direct price cuts is the most impressive rural consumers, but the discount, the price should be moderate. Two, mojiang. For example, the lottery box, scratch award card, allowing consumers to have a look forward to good luck or gambling psychological impulse to buy. Three, gift. You can send gifts or coupons, shopping can get something extra, will give consumers a cheap feeling, can effectively avoid the customer in the price of entanglement, and gave the customer with great psychological satisfaction. Four, barter. Some businesses after verification, in low income agricultural recommended

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