Guangdong two new financial district to promote economic development

when it comes to Guangdong as we all know, it is a relatively early area of our country reform and opening up, at the same time, it is now the commercial development to a certain scale, in the social competition becomes intense, the two venture is been put on the agenda.

from the beginning as the "radiation back Pacific modern financial industry base", "financial support base" and "financial centre" and "double location and Chi financial industry of science and technology innovation integration comprehensive experimental zone", 8 years, Guangdong financial high tech Zone in Foshan Nanhai Lake Qiandeng repeated financial innovation the course has now become a raging like a storm, and the province of Foshan to explore the important platform of integration of financial industry technology innovation.

in order to give full play to the advantages of high tech Zone, Guangdong will seek financial dislocation development with Guangzhou since 2007 listing, as the "radiation back Pacific modern financial industry base", the formation of financial background service resource aggregation, optimize Guangdong’s financial industry structure, to enhance the core competitiveness of the financial industry.

with the planning and development of Guangdong financial high tech Zone, gradually worked out their own characteristics, and gradually out of the path of innovation for its own characteristics. In 2010, combined with the private economic base is located in Foshan City, has developed the characteristics of private capital, Guangdong financial high tech Zone proposed the construction of "financial centre" slogan, and "financial support base" positioning parallel development.

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