Focus electric brush single credit injection will be the homely food

Xinhua Beijing, June (reporter Zhao Wenjun, Yang Na) recently, Jingdong mall because brush single issue caused social concern. A foreign investment consulting agency said in a report, the existence of false sales of Jingdong, which is the legendary "brush".

I’m afraid more than a Jingdong, with the popular online shopping business platform, reports about scalping Lvjian newspapers. "Double 11", "618"…… With the emergence of artificial Shopping Festival, the consumer online shopping commodity sales, according to praise, ranking data, if you do not stop "water", "cut the hand" and could be "chop heads".

brush behavior is an open secret

electricity supplier scalping phenomenon, the industry is long-standing, not new things." Jingdong group public relations director Kang Jian said in an interview with reporters.

Kang Jian did not avoid scalping problem. Platform merchants will certainly appear single brush, such as some business performance is good, then the opportunity to be found on the high." Kang Jian said that last year, Jingdong on the brush sellers out of ten million tickets.

Jingdong does not publish 618 sales, the industry has also been questioned as scalping performance. Kang Jian responded that this is to follow the company’s financial requirements. This year, the amount of 618 single day more than 15 million single, an increase of 1 times last year."

Jingdong settled merchants only 6, while Ali has 800." Kang Jian said that Jingdong accounted for 60% of the proportion of proprietary goods, does not involve the interests of other businesses, so brush single profit driven reduction.

China Internet association credit rating center legal adviser Zhao Zhanling said, electricity supplier brush there are two ways, one is to find the so-called consumer businesses brush". The seller to buy single express, the recipient and the sender and the actual buyers and sellers are not consistent; the other is a courier company to send an empty bag, but the courier company did not complete the delivery, and help businesses complete logistics information platform.

, an industry source told reporters that the Taobao platform has a variety of "brush" form: Brush false trading for the seller, drilling, and network ranking; professional acclaim division or poor teacher professional service for the seller, sometimes tens of thousands of praise may be "brush out"; there is also a situation the more difficult to detect, hiring full-time staff are well documented in the payment transaction, logistics and other sectors, but are in fact false trading.

industry insiders pointed out that brush single behavior generally, it means that the electronic business platform data flooding serious, its business credit can be imagined.

fake business reputation, misleading consumer behavior

brush to a certain extent, has become the unspoken rules between businesses and platforms." AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi said.

in fact, even if the self commodity model, can not reduce the electricity supplier platform on the brush single interest driven.


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