The province’s one million and two hundred thousand acres of high standard basic farmland consolidat

7 month 23 days, our province 1 million 200 thousand acres of high standard basic farmland consolidation project officially started in Datong County of Qing Lin Xiang is a major project, the province after the Yellow River Valley million acres of land consolidation project, Huangshui River basin high standard basic farmland projects and boost the "three rural", marking the land consolidation work the province has entered a new stage. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Xu Fushun announced the start of the project. Cao Wenhu, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Han Yugui attended the launching ceremony.

According to the "national

added 100 billion pounds of grain production capacity planning" and "national land remediation planning" the construction of 400 million acres of high standard basic farmland planning goals, by 2015 the province will complete the construction of the 1 million 200 thousand acre Hanlaobaoshou standard farmland. In accordance with the overall planning, division of labor, investment, contiguous to promote the principle of speeding up the construction of basic farmland yield farmland leveling, canal network facilities, roads, for moderate scale operation and the development of modern agriculture to create conditions, realize the quantity, quality and ecological protection of the overall Tube General requirements, the province developed a high standard of basic farmland the renovation plan and annual implementation plan. "12th Five-Year" period, the province will organize 1 million 200 thousand acres of high standard basic farmland, the basic farmland formed 80 acres of contiguous focus areas, mutual aid, and 3 people in Huangzhong and county building a high standard farmland construction demonstration county, mutual aid, Datong, Huangzhong, Menyuan, Huangyuan, Ledu, and colleagues, people Ping An, 9 County construction has become the focus of the county agricultural land consolidation.

According to the Provincial Department of land and resources Zhu Xiaochuan, deputy director of the

, the construction investment estimate of nearly 4 billion yuan, involving the province’s 19 counties (cities). The project of major grain producing areas in farmland, water, road, forest land comprehensive renovation, improve agricultural infrastructure, improve the province’s agricultural disaster response capacity, efforts to achieve standardization of lattice zh zhzh, forest net, road connected, canal connected, fertile soil, water flow, drought to irrigation. This year, our province in advance of Datong, Huangzhong, Minhe county and other counties to build more than 13 acres of high standard basic farmland, the size of the remediation of 300 thousand acres, investment of more than $600 million. (Li Guochang)

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