Provisions of the Xining municipal government on improving the work style and close ties with the ma

is to seriously implement the central and provincial government on improving the work style, close ties with the masses, to further promote the fine management, improve the work style, close party, with the actual city, make the following provisions.

1 pay attention to the quality of writing.

in accordance with the "most simple and easy to understand" the principle of drafting all kinds of documents, documents, general understanding of reducing uplink of official documents; to strengthen guidance and maneuverability. Municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the general office of the deployment of the document is generally not more than 3000 words, submitted to the municipal government instructions, reports generally not more than 1500 words.

2 control line number.

central and provincial, provincial government has issued to the grassroots documents, the municipal government is no longer forwarded. Through the telephone, interviews and other forms of work can be implemented, no longer text. The work of the deployment of various types of documents, issued a document on their own or jointly issued by the relevant departments, the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and its office will not be printed (turn) hair.

3 clean up journal information.

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Committee Propaganda Department responsible for the cleaning of all localities and departments of publications, newspapers and magazines standard subscription; the general office of the municipal government is responsible for cleaning up various departments throughout the information briefing. All localities and departments to retain only one kind of information briefing, the rest will be cleared merger. The information submitted to the briefing shall not leapfrog emergency warning information, and can also copy to the municipal government responsible comrades.

4 streamline meetings.

strictly implement the conference system of examination and approval, the municipal government held the city’s conference, must be approved by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and municipal government executive meeting; a special meeting of the departments directly under the municipal government in the name held by responsible comrades in charge of examination and approval. In line with the principles of the municipal departments held only 1 times a comprehensive meeting. Through the telephone, instructions and other ways to solve the problem, no meeting.

5 to improve the efficiency of the meeting.

resolutely prevent and avoid "accompany" phenomenon. Department meeting and the city’s special meeting is not generally arranged municipal Party committee and government responsible comrades to participate in, do not notify the county, the Department is mainly responsible comrades to participate. The city’s special meeting, the meeting will not be more than half a day, the general meeting is not more than 2 hours.

6 serious meeting discipline.

in strict accordance with the requirements of the notice to attend the meeting, shall not be late, leave early, absent or send for. If a person is unable to attend due to special circumstances, it is necessary to fulfill the formalities for leave. During the meeting, strictly abide by the order of the meeting. The venue is not placed flowers, fruits, such as cigarettes, do not hang Monogram general meeting, no special theatrical performances organized during the meeting, not souvenirs, participants are not arranged in the dining area.

7 control official activities.

without approval, shall not organize all kinds of celebrations, festivals, competitions, recognition activities. Municipal government responsible comrades;

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