To overcome the inherent deficiencies into pollution control

Air pollution is a priority in our country before much government a livelihood exam. The natural conditions of Xining, decided in the diffusion of pollutants and dust etc. with "congenitally deficient" defects, but the municipal government is still committed to this pollution battle, with the scientific analysis of pollutant sources as the basis, an antidote against the disease. Through the centralized management, the city PM10 concentration of pollutants in the air dropped, the air environmental quality improved significantly, a quarter of the city’s average PM10 concentrations decreased by 43.46% compared to the same period last year, the monthly per square kilometer City Dust fell 19.41% from a year earlier, good days than the same period last year increased 27 days. This year, the comprehensive pollution control action in our city battle into a protracted war, monitoring data show that a quarter of the city’s air quality rate increased from 11.11% in 2013 to 41.11% this year, good days increased from 10 days in 2013 this year to 37 days, 27 days increased; the amount of dust per month from last year’s Ji Junzhi square kilometers down to 21.90 tons this year, the monthly 17.65 tons per square kilometer, a drop of 19.41%. This is a paper together with the feelings of people’s livelihood, the municipal government attaches great importance to the comprehensive management of air pollution, the main leaders on many occasions to co-ordinate arrangements, by stages and levels to carry out pollution control work mobilization and deployment, on-site supervision and supervision repeatedly went to pollution, by controlling comprehensively, catch points, solving problems, etc. the area effect at Department of pollution control efforts, to continue to strengthen the work, continue to show effectiveness. In 2014, the scientific analysis of pollutant sources, consolidate the "symptoms" effect, strengthen the "radical" measures, focusing on the pollution from dust pollution, coal smoke pollution, industrial pollution, motor vehicle pollution control in four aspects. Urban dust pollution. All the city’s construction sites, commercial concrete enterprises, muck field, garbage dump, dump field investigation and remediation, the implementation of the 5 dust control requirements of the 100%, effectively curb the construction site dust pollution. In the urban main road entrances and exits to set up 13 vehicle checkpoints, the implementation of 24 hours of day and night on duty, holidays do not rest all day, all the time to check, to combat illegal muck truck pull behavior. The purchase of a certain number of sprinkler and spray dust suppression vehicles, the focus of the urban roads for cleaning, heavy dust on the road for flushing, road dust pollution has been significantly curbed. Coal dust pollution. Formulated this year, 809 tons of coal to gas to work plan, the scope of natural gas in the coal mining area will no longer have coal-fired boiler soot pollution. Increased the intensity of the coal yard ban, a total ban unlicensed operation, serious pollution illegal coal sites 206. Motor vehicle pollution control. The city banned the yellow car in the restricted area into the vehicle, reducing the exhaust emissions of high emission vehicles. The implementation of the comprehensive transformation of oil and gas to reduce oil and gas due to volatile oil and gas pollution. Plan will be the city’s yellow car out, in order to reduce vehicle exhaust pollution. Industrial pollution control. Continue to increase the enterprise’s environmental supervision and law enforcement, strict monitoring of pollutants;

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