Agricultural and pastoral areas of our province to verify the positive recovery of natural disasters

since entering in August, affected by extreme weather, the province’s agricultural and pastoral areas suffered heavy rains, frost and drought and other natural disasters, crops, grasslands are subject to varying degrees of loss. Currently, the affected areas are to verify the impact of the disaster, active recovery.

National Bureau of Statistics survey team of Qinghai survey data show that since July 28th, 13 consecutive days in most parts of the sea there has been a continuous hot and sunny weather. The number of days of maximum temperature in the safe area of greater than 30 DEG C for 10 days, resulting in the hilly region of crops and different degrees of sun dried appear listless phenomenon, potato, wheat, rapeseed, oats and other crops by 30% – 40%.

8 month 17 days, strong convective weather, local heavy rainfall areas within the territory of Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of lightning and hail, the county’s 9 towns suffered varying degrees of hail and flood, rain area more than 1.46 hectares of crops, livestock stalls damaged 3600 buildings.

in August, Tongde County has 3 times suffered heavy hail, heavy rains, damaged crops and pastures. According to statistics, the hail disaster caused 570 hectares of highland barley, 1 thousand and 900 hectares of grassland damaged, grass ahead of yellow.

at present, all over the country are verifying disaster losses, and actively take various remedial measures for disaster prevention and mitigation efforts to minimize losses.


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