96 poor support service agencies rated stars

9 month 26 days, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the province to carry out the second poor support services star rating activities, even through the day to award, the province has 96 poor support services was named star title.

it is understood that to enhance the province’s poor support services to support the service ability and management level in Qinghai Province, according to the "poor support measures" star rating services, our province has launched the second star rating activities poor support services. Through the selection, the province a total of 96 poor support service was named star title, which, Samsung 26, two stars, one star, 36. In the selection of the city will be the first to support the three non personnel into the scope of the selection of social welfare. According to the provisions of the obtained Star Star Awards Named poor support services, according to SamSung class 1200 yuan per person, two star 1000 yuan per person, a five-star standard of 800 yuan per person to award up the province to implement Star Award make up 4 million 684 thousand and 400 yuan of funds to support around the poor support operation management services.

through the development of poor support service Star Awards activities, greatly aroused the enthusiasm of striving for the star, support services continue to increase capital investment, improve infrastructure construction, and gradually improve the service management level, poor support services in the environment more comfortable, harmonious, organization personnel living standards improved significantly.


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