Chase will build agricultural eco tourism ditch

March 13th, reporter learned from Datong County, Jingyang town of mountain village in the future will be developed into eco agricultural tourism channel, in income for local farmers at the same time, also provide a good place for leisure and entertainment for the city.

It is reported that

, Jing Yang Zhen mountain village is a typical poor mountainous areas, traffic inconvenience, the perennial patron eat, in order to change this situation, last year in Datong County and Jingyang town two class government carried out off-site relocation of the whole village project, the ditch 87 households relocated to the mountain, the mountain village relocation, the town government wide seek expert opinions of the masses, decided to use the existing resources to develop characteristic agriculture adjustment in structure of agricultural economy, turning waste into treasure, take the road of industrialization of agriculture development of planting, breeding, tourism and sightseeing. The Jingyang town government through investment, has been the introduction of Xining agricultural Technical Developing Company settled, the project is completed, the mountain village will rely on the grass planting industry, vigorously develop the agricultural ecological leisure tourism, make full use of farmer court move left, carry out to eat live play integration and farming experience as the theme, agricultural agricultural custom fun for the cultural connotation of the wind farm "Nongjiale" tourism project, and the construction of ski resorts, training base and other series of farming activities. By then, the agricultural eco-tourism ditch project will provide 100 jobs for the villagers per capita annual income of 1000 yuan. (author: a)

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