Our province vigorously promote the upgrading of rural tourism

reporters from the April 26th meeting of the province’s rural tourism promotion and tourism promotion meeting was informed that the "13th Five-Year" period, our province will be in accordance with the "solid foundation, highlight the characteristics, improve the level of standard development" ideas, and vigorously promote the upgrading of rural tourism, quality and efficiency, enhance the quality and level of rural tourism development.

to 2020, the province’s support for the development of rural tourism reception point reached 4000, leisure agriculture and rural tourism revenue reached $1 billion, driven by the benefit of 200 thousand farmers and herdsmen. At the same time, to promote the pace of development of rural tourism, in accordance with the "one village one product, one village one rhyme" ideas, focus on creating about 40 distinctive features, complete functions, perfect facilities, with a demonstration effect of the demonstration village. Joint poverty alleviation department every year about 50 key conditions in the implementation of the key tourist village poverty alleviation projects, combined with the Ministry of agriculture and animal husbandry department to guide the development of the 50 multifunctional leisure agriculture and animal husbandry base.

according to the Provincial Tourism Bureau Terry Chui introduction, with the arrival of the era of mass tourism, the face of poverty alleviation political mission, vigorously develop rural tourism is significant, glorious mission. Recently, the Provincial Tourism Bureau jointly with the relevant departments at the provincial level, submitted to the provincial government issued "on accelerating the development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism", "Qinghai Province Rural Tourism poverty alleviation project implementation (2016-2020)" two policy documents, made arrangements for the next period of rural tourism, leisure agriculture and tourism the work, which covers the project, capital, finance, land and other support policies.

data show that about 80% of the province’s tourism resources are concentrated in rural areas. As the potential resource advantages into economic advantages, we must innovate the mode of development, accelerate the transformation of rural tourism from the traditional accommodation and entertainment to leisure, sightseeing, recreation and health, agriculture, farming and creative experience, rural handicrafts. At the same time, dig deep into the connotation of rural culture, guide social capital to participate in the development, explore the formation of many types, different characteristics of leisure agriculture, rural tourism development model.

driven by the government, the main market development, the active participation of the people, the Department of active service and industrial integration mode of work, the province’s rural tourism has begun to take shape. Up to now, the province has been the development of rural tourism reception point more than 3 thousand, the total income of rural tourism reached 470 million yuan; rural tourism practitioners directly to the people of the group, and to promote the benefit of the 140 thousand farmers and herdsmen from the more than 60 thousand.


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