Chase establish efficient operation of modern policing model of public security and satisfaction enh

Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Public Security Bureau

from field experience and from the local reality, bold reform has run traditional policing model for decades, to the police station, "bigger and stronger" modern policing model in establishing efficient operation, and through the bridge under the jurisdiction of the dispatched nearly half of the pilot results.

they creatively set up a law enforcement team, community policing team and command room service "in the bridge police station, the 110 police, community police, patrol police station as the main business, establish a new mode of police information, leading the dynamic prevention and control, close combat type.

set up the "two room", not only in improving the police service quality, standardize the work situation of the collection and management of daily affairs, report to the logistics, the duty guard force arrangement, strengthen internal and external communication frequently police plays a great role to promote, but also highlights the information collected, the security situation in the area of analysis and other aspects of the work, the police station to fight anti control work targeted, played the role of precision strike.

"two room" after the establishment, no police group, criminal groups, law enforcement team every police are involved in handling two cases, strengthen the criminal case strength, effectively solve the police scattered strength, quality is not high, the problem of low detection rate. At the same time, strengthen the responsibility of the case investigation and handling of cases, the property involved in the management, the implementation of the first reception system and the case for lifelong responsibility system, effectively solve the problem of poor quality and law enforcement is not standardized.

The implementation of modern policing model

Bridge police station, through a clear job responsibilities, change work style, rationalize the working relationship, gradually changed the traditional mode, wait for alarm, passive case door, overcome the police patrol prevention and control configuration is not reasonable, the disadvantages of less power, initially set up to service command as a leader, to the police intelligence judgments for the pilot, the dynamic policing mechanism with 110 police, community police and patrol prevention and control as the focus, to further adapt the dynamic, information under the conditions of the social security situation, improve the police combat ability and work level.

it is understood that since the implementation of new policing model, because police work quick and efficient operation, the area of social management innovation ability to continuously improve the security situation has improved, the safety of the masses and satisfaction greatly enhanced, people applauded. (author: Su Li)

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