Fine management of the implementation of the district level supervision system

and measures for the full implementation of city planning and construction management of fine service requirements, combined with the actual area north of the city, for a city, the establishment of system implementation and measures of city appearance and environmental sanitation, urban greening, outdoor advertising, municipal facilities, public places and other key links, key parts of the implementation of fine management measures, seriously the implementation of district level leadership supervision system. First, in accordance with the schedule, carefully organize inspection work. Take out the investigation combined with unannounced visits, daily supervision combined with the focus of supervision, internal supervision and media supervision of combining a variety of ways, strengthen the units and departments of city management measures and daily operation of the long-term mechanism of supervision and inspection, supervision and coordination actively to resolve outstanding issues, unremittingly, continuously improve the meticulous management of the city the level of. Two is to sort out the problems found in the process of summary supervision. Timely notice issued supervision, rectification, tracking the results of repeated and repeated handling of invalid and buck passing, poor work units, informed in the region, serious accountability. Three is the implementation of the number one responsibility system. The implementation of the regulatory requirements on the agenda, the timely analysis of the problems found in the inspection, to take effective measures to actively rectification, for the masses to create a comfortable, clean, safe and harmonious living environment.


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