Unswervingly take the road of innovation driven development

has just concluded the twelve session of the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, thoroughly implement the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the deployment of our province technology innovation work, considered the "Qinghai province implementation of the" national innovation driven development strategy to "plan" outline, considered and adopted the "CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee the work rules", the arrangements for the deployment of the current focus of the work. Now, in front of us, an important task is to seriously study and implement the spirit of the plenary session, and earnestly put the idea of the provincial Party committee to make a major decision, the power of cohesion to the provincial Party committee’s major deployment.

grasp innovation is to grasp the development, innovation is seeking the future. Of the party since eighteen, our implementation of innovation driven development strategy, the introduction of a number of innovative policies to support the implementation of a number of major science and technology projects, breaking a number of key core technology, cultivate a group of innovative enterprises, made a number of major scientific and technological achievements, technological innovation step into the fast lane. It can be said that every achievement of economic development in Qinghai, all cannot do without the contribution of science and technology; as long as we have the courage to explore and overcome difficulties, will be able to climb the peak in innovation and technology, great.

looking back in the past, innovation for the province to win the development opportunities; look forward to the future, we still want to lead the development of innovation as the first driving force. At present, a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution is gaining momentum, with the Internet as the core of a new generation of information technology to accelerate the integration and development between different regions rapidly changing conditions, the implementation of innovation driven strategy provides a rare great opportunity. As long as we clearly grasp this trend, keen to capture the opportunity, we can through the market mechanism and policy guidance, direct access to the most outstanding intellectual support, using the most advanced scientific and technological achievements directly, so as to realize the application of "one-step", put the superiority into full play.

to accelerate scientific and technological innovation, we must broaden our horizons, grasp the pulse of the times. In today’s world, information technology, bio technology, manufacturing technology is the rapid development of the technology revolution driven widely in various fields, significantly accelerate the pace of technological innovation, industrial upgrading upgrading. Looking at this trend is not difficult to find, to promote scientific and technological innovation, Qinghai has better basic conditions and potential advantages. An important role in ecology, determines the development potential of our province green economy and ecological industry; the unique natural resources, make our province in promoting the traditional industry continued strong, booming new industry has broad prospects; green counterpart aid and provincial consultation, Chongqing cooperation mechanism has been formed, but also make the flow of talent, capital and technology more and more of the Tibetan plateau. The direction and focus of our development, in line with the trend of scientific and technological progress at home and abroad, in line with the law of development of science and technology. In recent years, the practice also shows that, relying on scientific and technological progress, our ecological advantages, resource advantages are being transformed into industrial advantages and development advantages. As long as we find the combination of their own development and trend of science and technology, science and technology innovation and development advantages, to achieve highly fit, continue to make breakthroughs, pioneers, struggling to catch up with the development of science and technology, Qinghai road will be wider and wider.

is the trend of the world, only the magnificent;

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